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Meet the Opinions Team editorial staff for Hilary Term 2022! We love sharing our views on the world’s most controversial topics and inviting you to do the same. Keep reading to learn more about what a day in our lives looks like for each of us…

Senior Editors

Freya Jones

Image Credit: Freya Jones

Hi! I’m Freya, a first-year German student at Oriel College.

A typical morning sees me sending emails, scribbling to-do lists, and relying on coffee to get to my classes – assuming I managed to get out of bed… In the afternoons, I’ll either go for a cathartic run in Christchurch Meadow or have my latest essay crisis in the Gladstone Link, depending on which day it is. Occasionally I find time to play the violin or do some creative writing, and I’m in the process of editing my first full-length novel. However, my evenings are generally taken up with a lot of gluten-free cooking, before chilling with friends, writing for The Blue, or carrying on with that essay I didn’t finish earlier!

Nidhi Bhaskar

Image Credit: Nidhi Bhaskar

Hi! I’m Nidhi, an MSc student studying Medical Anthropology at St. Cross.

My mornings have me catching up on my latest essays, readings, or literature reviews over my daily cup of coffee and granola bowl. In the afternoons, I usually have a late lunch (probably at Alpha Bar) and then join friends to study at Opera Café or head up to Iffley for tennis practice. During the evenings, you can find me frantically typing out tutorial essays, writing and editing The Blue, and snacking on frozen blueberries.

Section Editors

Finn Walshe

Image Credit: Finn Walshe

Hi – I’m Finn and I’m a first-year PPE student at Univ.

Most of my mornings are spent trying and failing to wake up early before heading out for a bike ride or run. It’s either that or an essay crisis. A typical afternoon for me would involve some very slow reading in one of Univ’s libraries. In the evening I can be found either attempting to cook or accepting my fate and eating in hall.

Pin-Yi Chen

Image Credit: Pin-Yi Chen

Hi, my name is Pin-Yi and I am a first-year Law student at Jesus College.

My typical mornings consist of either waking up before dawn to go rowing or sleeping in until noon –  there is no in-between. In the afternoon, you can find me stressing out about / preparing for my upcoming tutorials. In the early evenings, I usually share takeout with friends before pulling an all-nighter to complete my essay because I have excellent time management skills.

Evie Craggs

Image Credit: Evie Craggs

Hi! My name is Evie and I’m a first-year English student at Hertford College. In the mornings I’m usually still sleeping, but if not then I’ll probably be studying in the upper reading room of the Bodleian. In the afternoons, you can find me procrastinating writing my essay by playing Animal Crossing. In the evenings, I am usually either spending time with friends or frantically searching for a book in the Gladstone Link.


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Unsurprisingly, it looks like journalism and essay crises are what we all have in common!

Freya Jones

Freya Jones is a Senior News Editor at The Oxford Blue. She enjoys intrigue and is always on the hunt for a good story... When she isn't writing, she studies German at Oriel College.