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The Re-emergence of Middle-earth

‘The characters Tolkien created each demonstrate different aspects of the human condition, and as such they are all relatable. This is one of the key foundations of Tolkien’s popularity and one reason as to why there is such extensive excitement for all new content.’
Mia Clement dissects all the hype and anticipation surrounding Amazon’s super-secret Lord of the Rings series.

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Books That Made Me: Hot Milk

For the next instalment of ‘The Books that Made Me’, Jennifer Goodier uses Deborah Levy’s Hot Milk to explain how relating personally to literary characters goes beyond just seeing parallels between their lives and yours. Her deep connection with Levy’s characters is powerful and real because it is based on emotion and learning to grow from emotional experience.

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COP26 and the many sides of Climate Change: An Editorial

Illustration by Mia Clement COP26 is now less than three months away. Scores of world leaders will fly in for the start, and officials from 196 countries will spend two weeks in high-pressure negotiations aimed at setting a new path to a safer climate. COVID-19 has refocused priorities and caused individuals and governments alike to Read More…