Global Affairs

Eurovision voting politics: British excuse or reality?

Some viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest are quick to jump on the idea of tactical or political voting. Particularly, as the United Kingdom has scored 26th place (last) in the Grand Final in the last two shows, people are quick to blame our poor placement on international relations, or Brexit. The Eurovision Song Contest Read More…

Cultures The Blueprint

The Blueprint, Issue No. 5—Taste

The Blueprint is The Oxford Blue’s arts publication. It showcases creative work in a range of artistic media, providing a space to share thoughts, stories and personal experiences. Issue No. 5—Taste  Food is the most important cultural manifestation that we have, because we all have to eat. Magnus Nilsson Recent celebrations of Eid have reminded Read More…

Columns Health and Wellbeing

Ask Aunty Annabel: Burnt out and blue? How to manage expectations of productivity

Aunty Annabel (Bella Stock) responds to a reader on how to prevent burnout.

Artwork by Iris Bowdler

“I’m a connoisseur of spending the entire week procrastinating, beginning an essay at midnight and finishing bang on the deadline at 8am before hitting the hay. It’s a technique which has served me reasonably well, though it has probably taken its toll on my sleep and the life expectancy of my long-suffering mother, who is forever fretting about my notorious all-nighters. So when I say, ‘do as I say and not as I do’, I really mean it.”


Disability Looks Like This: Make no mistake – conservative policies are inherently ableist

In her column, Disability Looks Like This, Ellie Redpath examines the negative impact of conservative policies on the welfare of disabled people. From Thatcherite ‘individualism’ to delayed COVID lockdowns, there is a long history of disabled people being treated as an afterthought.

Illustration by Emer Sukonik