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Ask Aunty Annabel: Negotiating the friendzone

In the first instalment of her column, our resident agony aunt, Aunty Annabel (known in her free time as Bella Stock), advises a Master’s student on how to see if his friend wants to take things to the next level.

Illustration by Iris Bowdler

“While the idea of it might make you cringe, the fact is that if two people enjoy spending time together and have lots in common, it really is a totally natural progression. Embittered old third-wheel that I am, I grumble incessantly about pals starting to fancy one another, but even I have to admit that friendship really is the best basis for a relationship (don’t mind me on the shelf up here).”

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Madrid’s Divisive Regional Elections Reinvigorate the Spanish Centre-Right

On Tuesday, the 4th of May, the people of Madrid went to the polls. After the centre-right president of the autonomous community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, dissolved the regional assembly and called snap elections, a divisive contest began. Ultimately, Ayuso scored a decisive victory, halting the far-right’s advance and inflicting a humiliating defeat on her left-wing Read More…

Global Affairs


Illustration by Iona Shen Club Deportivo Palestino – Palestine Sports Club – surely arouses a few questions at first glance. Where in Palestine is this All-Palestine outfit based? Why is their name in Spanish? CD Palestino is, in fact, found some 9000 miles away from Palestine, in the Chilean capital, Santiago. A broader article about Read More…