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Park life isn’t actually a problem

“The greatest risk is not from people innocently going to the parks, but that the media and officials lead the public to believe that lockdown laws are being so widely ignored that they do actually choose to disobey them in more damaging ways.”

Amy Sankey examines why the topic of park overcrowding is being overblown.

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Oxford societies unite to help tackle India’s Covid-19 crisis

The Oxford India, Hindu, and South Asian societies have launched a fundraiser, which has already beaten its initial target of raising £10,000 by the end of next week. India has been hit with a devastating second wave of coronavirus, overwhelming hospitals and crematoriums, leaving streets outside medical facilities crowded with the ill. The fundraiser aims Read More…


The problem with not being a bunny hugger

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean. Shockingly, for a man usually so befitting of the respectability that the office of Prime Minister demands, Boris Johnson’s appearance at last week’s Leaders Summit on Climate was an utter shit show. A BBC News article summarised what the PM had to say in his speech: “Tackling climate change is Read More…

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Electoral Commission to investigate Boris Johnson flat renovations

The Electoral Commission has launched a formal investigation into the renovations made by Boris Johnson and Carrie Simmonds to their Number 11 Downing Street flat.  An assessment has been conducted on the information provided by the Conservative Party in the last month, leading to the Electoral Commission’s statement that there are “reasonable grounds to suspect” an offence has occurred. It added that “the investigation will determine whether any Read More…