In the week when Oxford institutions – including pubs like Turf Tavern – are reopening in light of the Government roadmap proceeding as planned, the Radcliffe Camera has been temporarily closed due to masonry issues. Today, students were informed that it would be partially reopening.

The Radcliffe Camera closed on Friday afternoon due to these issues, as did the Gladstone Link. As of Tuesday 13th April, however, the Lower Camera and Gladstone Link have reopened for those with existing SpaceFinder bookings for this evening, according to an email from the Bodleian History Faculty Library. Students will now also be able to book spaces in these parts of the Radcliffe Camera again, including for Browse and Borrow slots.

It is expected that the Upper Camera will remain closed for 7 to 10 days while scaffolding is installed above the North door of the library. Although the masonry issue is not with the Upper Camera, because the North door is the designated fire exit from this part of the library, it cannot open until that scaffolding is in place to make the exit safe.

In the meantime, library staff will continue to run LibraryScan services from the Radcliffe Camera.

Image Credits: Evy Prentice via Unsplash