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A Point of Departure: The Paris Commune 150 Years Later

18th March marked 150 years since the start of the Paris Commune, a revolutionary regime that for a brief 72 days wielded power amidst the climate of general disarray that followed the spectacular defeat of French armies in the Franco-Prussian War. In an ensuing post-armistice election, whilst most of France elected conservative deputies, Parisians bucked Read More…

Credit: Michelle Mendieta Mean
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Climate anxiety and writing to cope: welcome to my column!

“Nothing is perhaps as existential and as daunting to comprehend as the climate and ecological crises. There are no greater problems facing me, you, or any of us than the fact that we are living in suicidal societies.”

In the first instalment of his Climate Column, Max Spokes introduces his column and examines why we should all be concerned about the climate crisis. Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean.