While the end of the term is nearly in sight, we still have a couple of days to go. In such stationary times, music is a great way to increase motivation and ensure that there is still some variety in our daily lives; so, here is what I’ve been listening to…

Telepatía – Kali Uchis 

Kali’s dreamy vocals convey how she feels about a long-distance partner, who she is so in sync with that they can communicate almost telepathically (the title of the song meaning  ‘telepathy’ in Spanish). There is something about the smoothness of this song which draws me in, whilst its seamless transitions between Spanish and English make for a very calming atmosphere. 

Lonely in Tokyo – Mirei 

The deceptively happy and upbeat instrumental to this song is coupled with some very serious lyrics, as Mirei shines a light upon the negative side of the music industry. She sings about how singers are often shaped to be idols and role models, unrepresentative of their true selves, and the loneliness which comes with this. This song serves to remind us that however perfect somebody’s life may seem, they may be struggling behind the scenes. 

Get Better – Nothing But Thieves 

This song is an expression of hopelessness, as the lead singer wonders when he will get better. Yet, despite its somewhat bleak surface, the song provides comfort in the shared experience of wondering when life will improve (particularly given the current circumstances). Not only that, but its heavy instrumentals and explosive chorus allow for our own tensions to be released.

Dance on the Moon – Aurora 

Throughout this song, Aurora takes us on a journey with her, in which she tries to forget the struggles that come with living in such a fast-paced society. She searches for freedom seemingly in space, and the descriptive lyrics are truly out of this world. The layers to this song are so beautifully combined, with very soft verses leading up to the ethereal yet mysterious chorus. This song transports us to another universe, not only with its lyrics, but its sound; it allows for a weightless sensation as our problems slowly float away. 

Simpatico – Kate Miller-Heidke 

Here, Kate reflects on an old friendship which has since faded, and how she has come to terms with the distance between them. Although the lyrics are at times negative, the sound of the song itself is uplifting, really pushing  home the idea of being okay with whatever comes your way. Additionally, Kate’s angelic vocals are easy to listen to, and make the song as a whole feel effortless. 

Ultralife – Oh Wonder 

This song is the title track of Oh Wonder’s 2017 album, and its lyrics describe, as the title would suggest, a kind of utopia that the band members are living in, deeply in love with one another . The song maintains a steady pace, with the instrumental and tension building throughout the verses to release in the chorus, creating this euphoric feeling for us, the listeners. The beautiful combination of Josephine and Anthony’s vocals throughout the song instil us with a sense of harmony and ensure that we feel the same bliss that they do. 

I Got a Name – Jim Croce 

This 1973 hit has such a feel-good instrumental, and so has been an important song for me this term. It helps to remind us that there is always more to life than its lower moments, and that we shouldn’t let life pass us by: we should keep dreaming, and keep going whatever comes our way. This song is the perfect soundtrack to boost spirits, and rekindle a lost sense of motivation. 

Cover photo: blocks on Unsplash

Gloria Morey

Gloria is one of the Senior Columns Editors for The Oxford Blue. She is in her second year, studying Psychology & Linguistics at Christ Church. If not in an essay crisis, you will usually find her binging 5 TV series at once, or re-organising her Spotify playlists.