The International Community Must Act to Protect Myanmar’s Democracy

“The lesson we should have learnt from the Middle-Eastern wars is that interventions must be prudent and limited, and pursued only with detailed knowledge of the invariably complex situation on the ground. This does not mean intervention is always the wrong thing to do. Yet, many politicians have arrived at the conclusion that the use of military force is inherently irresponsible.”

Oliver Buckingham examines the case for intervention in Myanmar.

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Students for Uyghurs Oxford: Pushing for the genocide amendment

Students for Uyghurs Oxford is the Oxford branch of the nationwide Students for Uyghurs campaign, with the collective aim of spreading awareness of the human rights abuses taking place against the Uyghur people. “This is not performative activism – students are actively campaigning for meaningful change”. This collective of Oxford University students have united to Read More…

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