Global Affairs

Navalny’s sentencing ruins Putin’s reputation at home and abroad

Featured image: “File:Alexey Navalny’s meeting at Bolotnaya Square 2013-09-09 5075.jpg” by putnik is licensed under CC BY 3.0 The arrest and subsequent trial of anti-Putin activist Alexei Navalny prompted mass protests across Russia, garnering the support of tens of thousands of people in more than 100 cities and towns in Russia, with numbers only rising.  Almost half are participating Read More…

Global Affairs

Abortion reform is now practically impossible in Honduras, but hope remains

In January, the Honduran Parliament approved a bill that practically cemented the total abortion ban that has been constitutionally enshrined since 1985. On Monday, 25th of January, the constitutional “lock” bill – as described to Vice World News by Mario Perez, the MP who tabled it –  was rubber-stamped. It is expected to be ratified Read More…

Current Affairs

St Peter’s JCR passes motion condemning Loach event and pledging support for Jewish students

St Peter’s College JCR last night passed a motion condemning the college’s decision to continue with an event with the filmmaker Ken Loach, despite Jewish students raising concerns about Loach’s history of antisemitism.