The Student Union’s Student Council voted earlier this week to reinstate its Women’s Campaign, which had previously been discontinued.

At the Student Council’s meeting on Tuesday, it was noted that

the Women’s Campaign [WomCam] has been an SU Campaign for several years with the following purpose: “the promotion and defence of the academic, recreational, communal, welfare and cultural interests of women or transfeminine students at the University of Oxford”.

However, WomCam was discontinued when it previously failed to report to the Student Council. Before this, it had attracted criticism from a Government study into free speech on university campuses, after it helped to shut down a pro-life event in November 2017.

But the Student Council has now resolved that:

the Women’s Campaign should be reinstated and thus allowed to continue their work for the interests of promoting feminist discussion and activism at the University of Oxford. 

Ellie Redpath, who proposed the motion, told The Oxford Blue:

It’d be super exciting to get WomCam back up and running again, and to get more students involved in feminist campaigning and discussion. There’s so much we could campaign for – I would really like to focus on campaigning against transmisogyny and transphobia, especially in academic spaces. Also, I would really like to work on providing support and welfare resources for student sex workers in Oxford, as well as putting on some really fab online events (and in person events when that’s possible again!).

Oxford SU has been contacted for further comment about the motions passed at the Student Council’s 3rd Week meeting.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons