Lady Margaret Hall’s JCR executives have released a statement of support for Gracie Oddie-James, who was subjected to racial abuse by students at Christ Church in Michaelmas last year.

The statement was put out in response to the unanimous passing of a JCR motion on 23rd January, proposed by LMH JCR’s BME Officer and seconded by the JCR President. This follows a similar statement motion that was released by Christ Church’s JCR. The motion stated that “this behaviour has no place in our community” and “that we should unequivocally support her [Gracie]”.

The statement released by the LMH JCR says “The members of LMH JCR stand in solidarity with Gracie OJ following the incidents that occurred at Christ Church College in Michaelmas 2020”, adding that the JCR “denounce[s] the conduct that Gracie was subject to and echo[es] her call for accountability and introspection”.

Oddie-James told The Blue: “I’m glad to see the support of the wider Oxford community. I can only hope that Christ Church becomes more transparent with the improvements it claims to be making. I am trying to keep positive and believe the censors mean to do good; it’s an ongoing conversation that needs to be had.”

Lady Margaret Hall’s JCR executives have been contacted for comment.

Molayo is a Christian and musician outside his studies and role as Senior News Editor. He likes to write on a range of topics, from Oxford news to international affairs. Having grown up in London, he has grown up amidst diversity and is a strong advocate of letting all voices be heard.