The Environment Agency has put out flood warnings for multiple areas in Oxfordshire, including in Oxford itself.

This flooding is expected imminently, and an Environment Agency ‘flood warning’ has been issued for the river Cherwell in Oxford. ‘Flood warning’  is the Agency’s second highest alert level, suggesting flooding that has the potential to damage property and that action is needed immediately to mitigate its effects. However, it is not a ‘severe flooding’ warning, so the flooding is not expected to pose a particular risk to life.

It is not only the Cherwell that is expected to flood, causing damage to property. The Thames is also running high, threatening property in the “New Botley, New and North Hinksey and Grandpont” areas of Oxford. In this area, the authorities “are operating weirs to reduce flood risk”, while “temporary defences have been deployed at South Hinksey”. 

In both areas, residents are being advised to “activate any property flood protection products you may have, such as flood barriers and air brick covers” to help mitigate the effects of potential flooding on property. The Agency has also warned people not to use “low lying footpaths near local watercourses” even in areas where flooding is not necessarily expected, but remains a possibility due to further rain forecast for the week ahead.

The Environment Agency has a Government website where it is possible to check local flood alert levels, which can be found here.

Image Credits: Howard Stanbury on Flickr

Mitchell Marshall

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