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“Twitter is free to remove things from its platform: it does it all the time, the only difference being that now it’s happened to someone with tangible, if wilting, power. This is what other users call a ‘consequence’.”

Hayden Barnes examines the controversy over Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter.

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Handling Hilary online: tips for a virtual term

Although it may not have been surprising, given the perilous point at which the UK finds itself in the Coronavirus pandemic, the announcement that Hilary term will be online for most of the term will have been disappointing for many. Many Oxford students will not return to college accommodation at all this term, and even Read More…

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TEDxOxford 2021 announces speakers for virtual conference

The theme of this year’s “first ever online, free, and interactive” TEDxOxford conference will be ‘Brave New World’ and will take place on the weekend of the 6th and 7th of February 2021.  The format for this virtual conference will take the traditional model of a 15 minute ‘talk’ from each speaker but will add Read More…

Global Affairs

Italian PM Conte resigns as coalition government crumbles

On the morning of Tuesday, the 26th of January, centrist Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister, announced his resignation at a cabinet meeting before formally handing it in to President Sergio Mattarella. This adds to two weeks of instability after former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi pulled the support of his party, liberal Italia Viva (IV), Read More…

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Oxford ACS adds to condemnation of Magdalen President

Oxford African and Caribbean Society has this evening said it “condemns” Magdalen College’s President, Dinah Rose QC, after it emerged that she was set to represent the Caymanian Government’s anti-gay marriage stance in court for a second time. As well as outlining the society’s support for LGBTQ+ students, the ACS noted that: “Unfortunately, the inherently Read More…

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Boris Johnson: An Unstatesmanlike Attack on Chinese Culture

Johnson has pettily criticised ‘demented’ traditional Chinese medicine for causing coronavirus. Trivial rhetoric such as this undermines the serious issues which threaten the West’s relationship with China today.  Earlier today in a virtual speech to the One Planet Summit, which was being hosted by President Macron, Boris Johnson weighed on Chinese culture, condemning people who Read More…

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Detecting seismic waves on Mars: new opportunities for discovery in NASA mission

A spacecraft, named InSight, deployed three years ago to Mars, has been tested in the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford. Scientists hope that it will be able to detect the landing of NASA’s Perseverance Rover on the surface of Earth’s neighbouring planet next month, helping scientists to better understand the interior structure Read More…

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Rats and recessions: the birth of an inter-crisis industry

Many have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Lockdown restrictions and shrinking businesses have meant that many have had to change careers or turn toward alternative forms of employment to make ends meet. On some high streets, new businesses replace the old, as those plucky enough to invest their severance packages into dreams brave the Read More…

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Private school suppliers fail at free meals

“The stark contrast between the wide choice of full, nutritious meals offered every lunchtime in private schools and the battered fruit and potatoes of the packages offered to struggling families reveals more than a company’s single-minded focus on the more profitable aspect of its business model.”

Amy Sankey explores Chartwells’s failure to supply adequate free school meals.