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Biden uses executive orders to reverse some of Trump’s most egregious policies

In the first week of his term, President Biden signed a slew of executive orders, which mainly served to aid in the fight against the coronavirus and undo some of President Trump’s most easily reversed policies. Executive orders are directives issued by a president which shape the way the American government functions that can be Read More…


Keeping an eye on the bigger picture: why Dinah Rose QC shouldn’t be our target

“Students are perfectly entitled to feel upset and even to feel discomfort. But they are not entitled to have all other considerations displaced, to draw attention away from the plight of LGBTQ+ individuals elsewhere in the world, to condemn their friendly, engaged and committed head of house and to disregard fundamental principles of justice and the rule of law.”

Arun Smith examines why the outcry over Dinah Rose QC is misdirected.

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UK scientists suggest face masks should be worn outdoors

Early last week, the British government announced that the UK’s total Covid-19 death count exceeded 100,000 people, making us the fifth country globally and the first in Europe to achieve such a sorrowful milestone. Hitting such a depressing statistic raises question of how we might prevent this figure from continuing to climb at such an Read More…


Trust has been broken at Magdalen, and legal explanations won’t fix it

“It’s clear that this has gone far beyond a misunderstanding of the cab rank rule, and is instead a matter of whether marginalised students feel safe, supported, and welcome at Magdalen – which, it is emerging, many do not.”

Ellie Redpath gives her perspective on President of Magdalen Dinah Rose QC’s legal representation of the Cayman Islands in their bid to overturn gay marriage.

Current Affairs

Cayman Islands lawyer rebuts Magdalen President’s anti-gay marriage defence

Leading human rights lawyer Dr Leo Raznovich has argued that aspects of Magdalen President Dinah Rose QC’s statement on her involvement in a Caymanian lawsuit are “misleading” . Raznovich is a barrister who studied at Oxford and Harvard Law School. He is now active in the Cayman Islands and has a long-standing research interest in Read More…