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Report reveals Oxford ties to fossil fuel industry

A report released on Tuesday reveals the extent to which Oxford University has received funding and donations from the some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies, including BP, Shell and Eni. The report, entitled ‘Money, People, Reputation: Oxford’s Ties with the Fossil Fuel Industry’, was researched and written by the Oxford Climate Justice Campaign, Read More…

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The Northern Ireland Problem: Culture, Class & Conflict in Belfast

“The Northern Irish Peace Process is fragile and requires active intersectional work in the form of policy change and socio-economic development. Politicians in Westminster will continue to ignore this and their counterparts in Stormont will continue to act to its detriment, so long as their ignorance continues to get them elected.”

Daniel McNamee analyses the growing tensions in Northern Ireland.

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Oxford Ministers Join Church Leaders Warning Against Vaccine Passports

An open letter signed by over 1200 church leaders across the UK, including Oxford Ministers Glenn Nesbitt, Andy Young, and Phillip Dixon, warned that introducing vaccine passports “constitutes one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics”. The cross-denominational letter follows the government’s decision to review whether Read More…