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Benedict Browne is a writer, stylist and consultant. He was Style Editor at The Rake and is currently Head of Content at the brand development agency Studio Graft.

I studied Fine Art at the University of Leeds, but I dropped out. [I] realised I wanted to go into fashion. So, I don’t have any formal education in what I do now at all. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, definitely.

I’m a bit of an early bird. I’m up at 5:30 most mornings. Before [COVID-19] there were a lot more press appointments, and maybe once a week I would visit a manufacturer. Now though, I’m in my flat a lot. [But] every day is different.

Fashion is a very sociable industry. You’ve got to be a people person, and if you’re not you’re in the wrong industry. Everyone in this industry is very inspiring. You can learn something from everybody.

It’s never been more important for a brand to have a very good online presence. The high street is taking a huge hit. Brands need a really good website; need amazing photography; amazing copy, to really entice the potential customer to buy a product.

[Savile Row] needs to become more of a destination. You can’t just survive off having these very old tailoring houses. The biggest problem with Savile Row is that the rents are too high and not sustainable for craft businesses. The whole street needs to come together and complain, but also put forward a solution. I think they’ll pull it off; they have to. There’s too much history on that street for it to just disappear.

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