Now we are all spending more time in our rooms, it is important not to spend all of our time hunched over our laptops. Getting creative is an excellent form of stress relief; especially if you’re isolating and unable to burn nervous energy with a run around meadows. Why not channel your adrenaline into creating something imaginative and genuinely joyful?

With such a constant pressure to excel all the time at uni, sometimes it can be so liberating to do something you are truly bad at. I am such a perfectionist with my practice as an art student, but in my spare time really enjoy making wonky and disproportionate scarves for the sheer fun of making it.

Crafting can even be used to transform your space; writing this whilst in isolation, there is something so clinically impersonal about my room’s white walls so the next item on my agenda is to stick on some Emily in Paris and make some terrible bunting.

So, if you’re stuck for crafting ideas – here’s a handy list of twenty-five prompts to get you started!

  1. Create origami hats for all your plants
  2. Use old shopping bags to make fake flowers
  3. Do some junk modelling with your recycling
  4. Put on a sock puppet show
  5. Make friendship bracelets for all of your household
  6. Invent a new cocktail/mocktail using the contents of your fridge
  7. Finger paint your favourite food
  8. Knit a scarf for your college’s dog
  9. Touch your face and draw what you feel
  10. Draw the view from your window
  11. Embroider an old hoodie
  12. Use your clothes to create a self portrait
  13. Create a collage using old handouts
  14. Finger knit some bunting for your room
  15. Choreograph a dance using your chair as a prop
  16. Write a monologue for your favourite houseplant
  17. Find every yellow object in your room and create a sculpture
  18. Create an image using only pushpins on your noticeboard
  19. Tape 3 pencils together and draw your room
  20. Create postcards to later send to your friends
  21. Sing your favourite book to the tune of your favourite song
  22. Pause a film at 22 minutes exactly and draw your screen
  23. Zoom your friend and paint each other
  24. Create a fort to study in
  25. Create a catwalk of outfits inspired by Moira Rose

Ellie Thompson

Ellie is a student at the Ruskin School of Art, who spends most of her time sewing or knitting really ugly scarves.