For The Love Of Acapella: “Take It And Run”

I tried to remember the last time I’d run into an open body of water, or danced at a club, or sung a pop song, without a layer of self-irony undermining the sincerity of it all, without the need to let people know that “it was obviously a joke” through exaggerated body language or an overly accentuated Cher impression. I, in my anxious, sarcastic, self-parodying state, have never been and never will be the kind of person to “take it and run.”

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Parents hold Radcliffe Camera ‘shoe strike’ on day of global climate action

The temporary installation included hundreds of pairs of children’s and adult’s shoes with messages of hopes, wishes and fears about the future, accompanied by a banner asking, “Would you want to be in our kids’ shoes?”

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City Council wins £1 million Government funding in fight to end Oxford homelessness

Oxford City Council, in conjunction with Aspire, will receive over £1 million from the UK Government to aid its fight to prevent homeless people from having to return to the city’s streets amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In a press release, the City Council said that almost £900,000 of the new funding will go towards Read More…