I spent much more time immersing myself in nature, watching the stallions while the flowers bloomed, the world in a standstill period of anxiety.

This drove me, along with other students, to start a university photography page as a means for us to all share our experiences whilst  apart from each other, as well as being a way for me to reflect on my own moments of solitude.

Those moments range from my own appearance, which changed drastically the more time I spent on my lonesome, to the season changing from spring to summer, and lastly to the eerie, uncharacteristic silence of the city around me.

The series differs from others as the shots were taken on a polaroid camera, offering a much more down to earth and homely atmosphere to the images as opposed to those taken with more traditionally professional equipment. Much of my decision to use a polaroid also lies in my own preference for the style of print.

This series is a reflection of my individual reality living through quarantine. Its story is one everyone can relate to, but one that still remains special to me. My hopes for this series is to document the heavy, lonesome atmosphere of fighting something together while apart.

Michelle Mendieta Mean

Outside of her degree, Michelle (she/her) runs an online photography group called Oxford Student Photography which showcases photography from current Oxford students. Michelle received a Machin Art Prize after exhibiting her artwork at the Royal Drawing School.