A good playlist as a backdrop for those who have the privilege to embark on quarantine reflections would consist of a range of songs across genres (EDM, rock, indie) that frames and engages the wide spectrum of your emotions.

HalfNoise – In the Summer

            The uplifting melody conceals the disappointment in the lyrics, reminiscent of the attempts to remain positive while simmering in our thoughts.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Cars in Space

            This clean track that skilfully combines futuristic guitar riffs with nostalgic drums and bass makes us want to go on creative adventures. Slipping into this frame of mind empowers us during the otherwise dull quarantine.

Hayley Williams – Crystal Clear

            The final song on Petals for Armour was meant to convey the feelings of falling in love. It’s a comforting, yet uplifting track that emphasises the romanticised and optimistic future one experiences after growing from past trauma.

Bad Suns – We Move Like the Ocean

            Unlike the previous track, this song empathises with those that resonate with the Swan metaphor. Quarantine leaves some the breathing space to be mindful of how we may be struggling, even when life is seemingly smooth-sailing.

Charli XCX – c2.0

            It’s easy to jam to this electronic, upbeat track off Charli XCX’s fan-collaborated quarantine album. Containing samples from Click (hence the c), a favourite off her previous album, the lyrics represent how much she misses her friends – something that some can relate to.

Lana Del Rey – Cinnamon Girl

            Lana Del Rey’s deep vocals allure us to dwell in the sadness of our past, but empower us to undergo bittersweet reflections, giving us the capacity for growth.

Frank Ocean – Pink + White

Its soulful piano riff lends this song grandeur and elegance, letting us bask in the, perhaps, overwhelming emotions of our past so that we can cherish them and move on.

This is Part 4 of a mini series of Pandemic Playlists, curated by Music Editor Katie Bunney, sharing the songs that have been keeping us going through this peculiar time.