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BREAKING: Government U-turn on admissions policy

The government has today announced a U-turn in its assessment policy for A-Levels and GCSEs in England, following several days of outrage from students, parents and teachers alike. Pupils’ grades will now be based on teacher assessments alone, with exams regulator Ofqual confirming that the controversial algorithm has been scrapped. The news comes as more Read More…


How is Coronavirus Affecting Democracy?

Sharon Chu explains how cancelling elections in response to the pandemic poses a threat to democracy.

“Postponing elections might just seem like a one-off, genuinely benevolent action, but it could set a terrible precedent and lead to democratic backsliding, especially in places where democracy is already under threat. We must not let this slide.”

Current Affairs

Former Oxford Visiting Professor revealed as “sex-pest” amid reports he sexually harassed students

Former Australian High Court Justice and Oxford Visiting Professor John Dyson Heydon reportedly harassed a number of female students, a two-year long Sydney Morning Herald investigation has revealed. An inquiry by the Australian High Court also found that “Sex-pest” Heydon sexually harassed six female legal associates. The Oxford Blue has learned that he resigned his Read More…