MGMT – Electric Feel

Life during the pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. Death, sickness, and loneliness have plagued the world during the hitherto joyous spring and summer months. Hence, most of my lockdown listening has been songs that remind me of better times.

For as long as I can remember, the one or two days of sun a year we’re blessed with in Scotland have been spent outdoors dancing to ‘Electric Feel’.

(like this)

To dancing in the sun.

Dua Lipa – One Kiss

A few summers ago, life was good. Dua Lipa had just released this absolute banger. I’d just been to my secondary school prom. England had just been knocked out the World Cup. The sun was out, and I was attending my first ever music festival.

To Mario Mandzukic.

Tame Impala – One More Year

The day after Tame Impala released their latest album, The Slow Rush, I took a trip to London to visit an old friend at university. I had just finished my first full listen when she met me from the bus. It was only on the bus home after our long day together that I realised the melancholia and deep yearning for more time that permeates the album, and then that I probably wouldn’t see her for a long time.

To missing old friends.

Marlena Shaw – Touch Me In The Morning

While my love for disco knows no bounds, Marlena Shaw has a special place in my heart. At the beginning of the year (January 2nd), I was surrounded by my friends in our favourite club when the DJ played ‘Touch Me In The Morning’ – my favourite disco song. Needless to say, it was the beginning of one the best nights out I’ve ever been on and, on replay, adds new levels to my appreciation for friendship.

To disco.

Fontaines D.C. – A Hero’s Death

The only new song on this list. I add it partly because Fontaines D.C. are my favourite band and I’m incredibly eager for their new album (2 weeks to go) but mostly because it’s offered me a fresh outlook on the present. When I’ve felt understandably useless after days of doing nothing, the very Irish slogan “Life ain’t always empty” has kept me going.

To doing nothing.

This is Part 1 of a mini series of Pandemic Playlists, curated by Music Editor Katie Bunney, sharing the songs that have been keeping us going through this peculiar time. Get in touch if you would like to contribute.

Chris ONeil

Chris O'Neil is a columnist for the Blue. He's going into his second year at Brasenose College, studying History and Politics. With special interests in sports and pertinent socio-political issues, he'll be writing his column throughout the late summer and into Michaelmas Term 2020.