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Spacetime Paradoxes and German Philosophy: A Review of Dark

For many people, myself included, Dark was initially written off as a knock-off of Stranger Things. And it’s true that its premise of ‘kid vanishes in a small town where things are not as they seem’ was remarkably similar. Two and a half years on from the release of the first season, the show has amassed a growing Read More…

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The Hong Kong protests: a comprehensive study

At midnight on the 1 July 1997, 156 years of British colonial rule ended in Hong Kong. This date also marked the end of the British Empire, and Hong Kong was returned to China. Despite the assurances of the Joint Declaration, in the 23 years since the transferral of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty, long seated antagonism in Hong Kong against China has been building since 1997.

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Money Matters: Micro-Investing

Investment is a big decision, but if you choose to try it out, it often proves to be a great way to grow your savings. Micro-investing is a relatively new concept, aimed at challenging and breaking down barriers to traditional investing, perfect for trying out investment for the first time.