As The Oxford Blue enters its third term, we are now recruiting for new business and editorial teams to help take the paper in a fresh direction for MT20.

Not only are we looking to develop our current sections but we are also delighted to announce the addition of our new Investigations, Interviews and Media (Video and Podcasting) sections. With so much to get involved in, no matter what your interest, there is a place for you at The Blue!

If you’re wondering which of our wonderful teams would be the best fit for you, we’ve got you covered. Below, our new Senior Editorial Team has put together a brief guide to our sections along with some examples of their favourite stories and content to help get you inspired. 

Culture- Gaia Clark Nevola

If you’re passionate about TV, Film, Art, Theatre or even Poetry, there is a place for you in our vibrant Culture section. We’re looking for editors who are driven to showcase the variety and diversity of culture both within Oxford and beyond the bubble. So. If you’ve got a keen eye for what’s new in culture, we want you!

Check out our latest edition of Creativity in Crisis for a glimpse at some of the exciting projects are Culture section runs.

Current Affairs- Oliver Shaw

As a reporter and editor in our Current Affairs section, you’ll gain valuable journalism experience as part of a fast-paced, passionate team that investigates and reports on both Oxford news and national news. In its first six months, The Blue has broken major stories within Oxford and even been featured in national newspapers. Now it’s your chance to make your mark on the way we bring information to a wide, diverse readership. We’re looking for people with a voice, enthusiasm, ideas and an interest in what’s going on in Oxford and the rest of the UK.

Check out our coverage of the Rhodes Must Fall protests this week to get a flavour of our reporting.

Columns- Vicky Stone

Calling all columnists! The Blue are recruiting writers with a unique voice and original ideas to create engaging columns. Whether you’re looking to write reviews, advice, a diary or a bit of everything, you can really experiment with the format and make it your own! You’ll be someone whose work is talked about across Oxford. From nightclub scandal to tutorial faux pas, we want to hear your ideas . We want our columns to truly  represent all voices and perspectives of the student body, so if you’re eager to share your experiences and passions with our readers, apply now!

Looking for some inspirations? Here’s Sarina C’s latest column on savings.

Global Affairs and Outreach- Kanengo Diallo

With almost everything operating within the Oxford bubble, we’re looking for a team that’s dedicated to branching out and shedding light on today’s global headlines and stories. If you have an interest in international relations, international development, and building bridges with student papers outside of Oxford, this section is perfect for you!

We’ve covered international elections in the past, like Poland’s election earlier in the year and explored why we should be paying attention. Are you following any international election coverage?

Interviews- Elliot Sturge

The Blue needs writers and editors to source, and collaborate with interesting people with fascinating stories to tell, and help deliver those stories for our new and exciting Interviews section. No experience required, just enthusiasm, drive and an ability to ask questions!

The sky really is the limit on who you might interview, from former UN official and de-mining pioneer Martin Barber to youtube sensation Hannah Witton.

Investigations- Carlotta Hartmann

We are looking for people who are keen to ask questions and dig deeper into the goings-on at the university we call home.You’ll be working as part of a team dedicated to fact based enquiry and passionate about exposing systematic wrongs with stories which have the potential to spark real change and bring power to account. No editorial experience required, just curiosity and drive.

Our investigation into a Christ Church professor made national headlines this year. Could you be break the next big story in Oxford?

Lifestyle- Sarina Chandaria

We’re looking for people with fun and creative ideas to build the lifestyle section into one that can resonate with everyone at Oxford. The Lifestyle section is a great place for people who want to try out different styles of writing and article formats; from commissions on uni cooking tips to travel photo essays, to longer pieces on the realities of life as an Oxford student. You’ll work with a lively team,and take an active role in developing this section- no experience necessary, just enthusiasm!

We’re looking to diversify our content next term, just like this piece on communal eating in different cultures and coronavirus.

Media- Anvee Bhutani

If you’ve got a penchant for podcasts, a keen director’s eye or a craving for camera-work, our media team needs you. A new venture for Michaelmas, we’re looking to go beyond our writing, and create media to bring our stories to life. We’re looking for creative minds to drive this section, which will be helping The Blue push the boundaries of student journalism in Oxford.

Opinion- Elizabeth Reynard

We’re looking for some fun and dynamic people with opinions to share, interests to pursue and enthusiasm to help us. The opinion section is a great place to be no matter your level of experience, and you can have a real part in shaping the dynamic of the paper. So, if you’d like to help to bring new perspectives on the goings on in our world to life, apply to be part of The Oxford Blue Opinion editorial team!

If you like to argue with your friends, this is the place for you. You have the freedom to discuss anything, offering a new take on what may seem an exhausted conversation, just like this piece on climate change and coronavirus.