Creativity in Crisis: part three

In response to these troubled times, The Oxford Blue culture team has started a new creative writing project: ‘CREATIVITY IN CRISIS: a writing collective’. Here are some of our favourites of the work we received, illustrated by Daisy Leeson. Starlings – Peter Hurtubise ‘My faith in the future of literature rests on the knowledge that there are things Read More…

Current Affairs

Climate friendly drives and corporations: an unlikely alliance?

Climate change is facilitated and accelerated by the large corporations responsible for pollution, and the institutions which finance them. Conventional wisdom has supposed that transitioning to a green and sustainable future is too expensive for these companies to countenance; vested interests oppose attempts to wean society off the products and activities which contribute to the crisis.

Health and Wellbeing Lifestyle Opinion

Six months on Sertraline

Life has changed, explicably, for the better since starting antidepressants. My low days are rarer, my appreciation for life higher and my relationships stronger. Sertraline, or known by its brand name, Zoloft, truly has switched my direction.  Here’s the secret about antidepressants: a lot of people are on them. Here’s a fact about antidepressants: not Read More…