Why you should not have children: anti-natalism and the fear of the future

In the last couple of years, whether you have noticed it or not, the anti-natalist (kind of anti-giving-birth-to-new-humans) message has penetrated more layers of pop culture than one would perhaps suspect. The obvious brilliant piece of writing that first comes to mind is a quote form the ‘True Detective’ series, in which bitter Texan detective Read More…


Debate: US presidential election 2020 – can Biden defeat Trump?

Whatever future Americans awake to on the 4th of November, one thing is certain. It will be a future shaped by Donald Trump alone. Edmund Kelly In any other year the announcement that Bernie Sanders had dropped out of the Democratic primary race – thereby sealing the nomination for former Vice President Joe Biden – Read More…

Health and Wellbeing Lifestyle

Coronavirus and collections: being an Oxford student and NHS worker

I’m an Oxford student. But I’m also an NHS worker, and I’m currently feeling a huge conflict between those two things. To be clear, as a History student, I am not a doctor or nurse. However, I have worked in a GP surgery doing admin for several years. I’m not claiming that my job or Read More…

Current Affairs

Leaked safety net policy to be officially announced on Monday

Oxford University’s safety net policy for finalists was published last night online and then taken down in a University blunder, The Oxford Blue can confirm. The Oxford Blue published an article detailing the policy on Friday evening after it was inadvertently posted and contacted the University. The University then deleted the policy from their website Read More…

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Oxford University leads world’s largest drug trial for use against Covid-19

“This is by far the largest trial in the world,” said Peter Horby who is leading the trial and is professor of emerging infectious diseases and global health at Oxford University.

An Oxford based trial is aiming to test the effect of current drugs in treating Covid-19, and has recruited over 5000 patients in 165 NHS hospitals around the UK.