UPDATE: Oxford University have deleted their safety net policy from their website since The Oxford Blue confronted the university as to why they had not informed finalists of this update.

The since-deleted update from the University can be viewed in screenshots here:

Oxford University has announced its safety net policy for undergraduate finalists and taught postgraduate finalists on their website. The information is listed under ‘measures put in place to recognise disruption’, under exams and assessments: final year undergraduates.

More details to follow.

The safety net is as follows:

  • If the student had already completed more than 50 per cent of their assessed work up to the end of Hilary term 2020, assessments in Trinity term will only count towards their degree classification if it improves the overall result  
  • Where less than 50 per cent of assessed work has been completed to the end of Hilary term 2020, subjects will make other adjustments where they benefit the student, such as increased weighting of earlier work or discounting of lowest marks (in these instances, the exact formulation will be chosen by specific subjects) 

This policy applies so long as students pass Trinity term assessments.

The university states that further detail about the policy and how it will be applied to individual courses will follow in the near future from departments and faculties. 

If students are unable to complete assessments remotely because of illness or very difficult personal circumstances, they have two options:

  1. Opt to graduate with a “Declared to Deserve Honours” status 
  2. Return to Oxford to sit written exams in Trinity term 2021

The Oxford Blue understands that the university is yet to contact students affected by these measures.