Anneliese Dodds: reflections on Labour’s woman near the top

I first met Anneliese Dodds in the 2019 election count for her constituency, Oxford East. I was there representing Sky: a student with coffee and a press pass, and responsibility only for entering some results at the end of the night. Dodds was there preparing to get one of the most importantjobs in the nation Read More…


Words of Wisdom: More Harm Than Good?

In light of the current global pandemic, all it takes is one scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (or your other preferred choice of social media) to be bombarded with information, news and tips for dealing with COVID-19 and being in ‘lockdown.’ However, words of wisdom are presenting us with an interesting, and potentially problematic, dichotomy.


The royal treatment: in the age of coronavirus, does the monarchy matter?

We cannot underestimate the Queen’s role as a spiritual figurehead in this moment of historic peril. Oliver Shaw It’s been a terrible year for Britain’s monarchy. And as someone who has always tried to their best to defend the monarchy and the Royal Family, I now believe that there is a serious debate to be Read More…