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PPE Society in the pandemic

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Oxford PPE Society has decided to conduct all its events for Trinity 2020 online – in the form of remotely recorded podcasts and live-streams. In an effort to give people things to look forward too during the vac, they are also hosting events this April!

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Nice to Meet You, I’m a Slut! Tinder: A Waste of Precious Time?

“If Tinder were a place, it would be Fever. Specifically, Fever on a Tuesday night , a time when we almost certainly have better things to be doing with our time than dancing the night away to Akon remixed with S-Club 7, or idly swiping the night away from the comfort of your own bed.”

In the first of her weekly column, Alice Garnett explores whether Tinder really is the Land of Opportunity we might hope it to be.

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Creativity in Crisis: part one

In response to these troubled times, The Oxford Blue culture team has started a new creative writing project: ‘CREATIVITY IN CRISIS: a writing collective’. Here are some of our favourites of the work we received, illustrated by Liv Fugger. Extract from play – Reya Muller EDDY: Do you not remember that day on the beach? Near Read More…