Editor’s note: this article has been removed because it violated our reporting guidelines: specifically, the sections on transphobia and disability. The original article suggested that the ability to use urinals, and the amount of time taken to use the toilet, was related to gender: thereby it conflated gender with anatomy while failing to take into account the experiences of people with mobility issues and other disabilities. The article was then amended to try and take the experiences of transgender people into account, but the changes failed to address the underlying problem of conflating anatomy and ability with gender; thus, the decision was taken to remove the article. To read more about our reporting guidelines, visit the Resources page on The Oxford Blue‘s website. 08/08/2021

Phoebe Hennell

Phoebe Hennell is co-founder of The Oxford Blue, and former Managing Director. She is reading Philosophy and Modern Greek at Christ Church, and is on her year abroad in Athens.