We’re all stuck at home at the moment (or at least you should be) pining over the lost punting trips, trashing, and nights out where you don’t have to keep track of a coat then trek back in the rain. There is a silver lining, however, in this heavy cloud hanging over us. We can now all continue the binging we feel so guilty for in term time. Here are some suggestions based on the degree you may now have finished a lot earlier than you had expected to.


Good Will Hunting

This one encapsulates every maths student’s fear- their scout probably has way more potential in their little finger than they will exhibit over the course of their degree. It’s the film your dad is always in shock you’ve never seen- now you’re both in self isolation, why not give it a try?


Midnight in Paris

As we are back in the 20s, why not join Owen Wilson’s character Gil take a trip to 1920s Paris, where he meets the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, and Ernest Hemingway? This one is for that friend who always moans they were born in the wrong decade and complains about how technology has ruined dating (if you don’t know a friend like this it’s probably you).


Begin Again

It took everything in me to not recommend Miss Americana for the musical members of our university, but I ended up settling instead for this feel-good film. A washed-up producer, Mark Ruffalo, and recently-single songwriter, Keira Knightley, take on New York to create an outdoor album. Who even knew Keira Knightley could sing?


About Time

A classic and something I’d recommend regardless of your degree. About Time explores the importance of personal history, fulfilling that desire you have at 1am in bed to be able to have swerved your ex on a messy night out or gone in for a hug instead of a hand shake in that awkward interaction on Broad Street.


The Politician

For the hacks fretting about how they’re going to run remote campaigns next term, distract yourself with The Politician. It will feel the huge void of in-fighting, backstabbing and inflated egos that we will all be sorry to miss out on next term.



Percy Jackson is in it. Need I say more?

Archaeology and Anthropology

Love Is Blind

Don’t knock it until you try it. This was the reason I had to ask for extensions all through Hilary. Besides, dating with a wall between us may be the reality for the next few months in self isolation.


The Big Short

As we’re likely in the midst of another financial crisis, why not revisit the last one with this critically acclaimed re-telling? Do you think Ryan Gosling will be available for the COVID-19 biopic?

Modern Languages

Plan Coeur

While you’re mourning the loss of your gap year and all the stories you would be able to tell that no one actually wanted to hear, binge Netflix’s Plan Coeur. Elsa, unable to get over her ex, is set up with a hooker paid for by her best friends (Sound familiar? No? Just me then).



As our researchers pull all resources into finding a vaccine for COVID-19, watch House’s minions race to diagnose some of the most bizarre diseases. There is nothing like Hugh Laurie’s eyes to brighten your day stuck inside your HOUSE (I know, I hate me too).


Walking the Nile

Levison Wood explored some of the world’s most breath-taking landscapes so that you could sit in your pyjamas on the sofa and not move for hours on end.


Dirty Dancing

Need to feel the void of no more lab hours? Get your fill of chemistry with this classic.

Gabriella Emery

Gabriella Emery is one of the Co-Chairs of the Board. She was one of the Editors-in-Chief at The Oxford Blue from June-December 2020. She reads Classics and French at Wadham College and is going into her second year. When not ruining all things light and wonderful like Christmas (or your dignity and pride), her hobbies include: being a welfare queen at Wadham, fangirling the M&S Deli Counter or confusing having a dog with having a personality.