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UNWomen Oxford disbanded over Rudd controversy

UN Women UK have severed ties with UNWomen Oxford following controversy over the invitation of former Home Secretary Amber Rudd. UN Women UK will entirely disassociate themselves with the student society formerly known as UNWomen Oxford, which has come after a late decision was made to prevent her from speaking thirty minutes before she was Read More…

Current Affairs

Prince Charles charms at Jesus College Celtic celebration

Considering myself somewhat apathetic to the Royals, when outside Jesus College, the dazzling blue lights of a police motorcycle suddenly burst into sight, closely followed by a very swish car from which Prince Charles was to appear, I was amazed to find myself brimming with excitement. Upon exiting, the Prince of Wales engaged in the Read More…

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Maths Degree Review: It’s almost as fun as complaining about it!

Picture this: it’s quarter to ten in the evening. You’re sat in the library, surrounded by the furious clickings of essay crises and apology emails being typed. You stare silently at the page in front of you and the question at the top glares mockingly back. You’ve been like this for two hours; the problem Read More…