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Oxford favourite wins national recognition in kebab awards as Jeremy Corbyn gets booed

Ahmed’s wins runner-up in British Kebab Awards 2020 as Jeremy Corbyn gets booed Ahmed’s Bar B-Q kebab van, locally known simply as ‘Ahmed’s’, won runner-up in the Ace4Kebabs Kebab Van of the Year award in the British Kebab Awards 2020 on this Tuesday. They clinched first prize in 2019, but Ahmed found that his van Read More…


Roman Polanski Awarded Yet Again: #MeToo is far from over

Roman Polanski winning the César Award for Best Director shows the so-called “French Oscars” yet again failing to condemn the child-rapist and demonstrates that despite the #MeToo movement, the fight for victims of such abuses of power is far from over. Just four days after the conviction of American producer Harvey Weinstein to rape in Read More…


For ‘Third Culture Kids’, there’s no place like home…

The term ‘Third Culture Kid’ (TCK) has been around since the 1950s, but in more recent decades it seems to be particularly en vogue. Defined as a person whose childhood was spent in a place and culture other than that of their or their parents’ place of origin, the term can encompass anyone from refugees, Read More…

Cultures Theatre

Ra Ra Reviewsputin!

Balliol’s latest annual charity show, Rasputin, doesn’t sound exactly promising in concept. When you hear ‘student-written comedy-musical based on unstable early 20th century Russian politics’ it doesn’t scream success. It certainly succeeds on stage, though. Throughout Act 1 we are treated to the introduction of the Romanov royal family and their court as you’ve never Read More…


Photo story: alpacas at Trinity

Hosted by Trinity College, and organised by Oxford Guild Business Society, the hugely popular petting session brought a smile and a selfie to a chilly afternoon. The alpaca petting session was organised to lift low midwinter mid-term blues for Oxford University undergraduates and staff. Alpacas from SimplyAlpaca of Worcester.

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Photo story: Larry Sanders comes to Oxford

Larry Sanders and Billy Bragg make appearances at the Bernie Sanders Election Rally at Oxford University. Helping his brother along Larry Sanders attends Super Sunday election rally for Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign, held at the Clarendon Building, Oxford. Promoting the registration and vote of US Democrats abroad, which are up to 4 times more valuable in their college and caucus voting system.

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Opinion: On the BJP’s rampant Islamophobia and Modi’s telling silence

46 people died in Delhi last week. BJP police watched as Hindu mobs dragged, stoned and murdered their Muslim neighbours. The 903 arrests made since have disproportionately targeted the Muslim community. A brief timeline: in December, the BJP pushed through a Citizenship Amendment Act which makes it easier for all of South Asia’s major religions, Read More…