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Weekly puzzles for your perusal! This week, test your current affairs knowledge with a special edition of the News Quiz, stretch your vocab with the Word Wheel, and see if you can figure out the Country Challenge. Answers below!

News Quiz: EU Special

1 Who is the President of the European Commission?

2 Which was the most recent country to join the EU?

3 For what do the letters EEC stand?

4 Who composed the piece of music that is now used as the anthem of the EU?

5 On which date was the most recent referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU held?

6 Why are there 12 stars on the EU flag?

7 Can you name the EU countries that are the furthest north, east, south, and west (excluding overseas territories)?

8 How many euro coin denominations are there?

9 Schengen is a village in which country?

10 Which is the largest city of the EU by population?

Word Wheel

How many words can you make from the letters below? They all have to contain the highlighted letter on the left. One 12 letter word can be made using all the letters, can you find it?

Country Challenge

Can you name these EU countries based on their outline? They may not be to scale, or up the right way!


News Quiz

1 Ursula von der Leyen

2 Croatia (July 2013)

3 European Economic Community, which is now incorporated into the EU

4 Ludwig van Beethoven (Ode to Joy, from his 9th Symphony)

5 23 June 2016

6 No official reason, it certainly has nothing to do with the number of countries. According to the EU website the stars “stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe” and “the circle is a symbol of unity”.

7 N: Finland, E: Cyprus, S: Spain (Tenerife), W: Portugal (Azores)

8 Eight

9 Luxembourg

10 Berlin, replacing London as of last week. Paris is actually the largest city by urban area, but the strict administrative limits of the City of Paris mean it appears further down the official list.

Word Wheel

The 12 letter word is CONSEQUENCES

Country Challenge

1 Ireland

2 Estonia

3 Croatia

4 Italy

5 Austria

Country outlines from