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Review: The Pillowman

The Pillowman is a 2003 play by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, a darkly satirical narrative that focuses on a writer (Katurian) and her brother (Michal) who are kept in custody by two sinister policemen after a series of child murders that echo Katurian’s own twisted tales. With its heavy emphasis on child killing and police Read More…

Climate change protesters at St. John's
Current Affairs

St John’s campaigners compromise as occupation comes to a close

A protest organised by Direct Action for Divestment Oxford will come to an end tomorrow at 2pm. By the time the protesters leave, they will have occupied the Front Quad at St John’s College for 96 hours and successfully brought divestment to the top of the agenda. However, the occupation failed in its main aim Read More…

Current Affairs

St John’s student stand off stretches to fourth day

College turns up the heat to force protesters off the lawn amidst rumours the College is seeking a court order St John’s College is attempting to undermine the student protesters demanding the College stop investing in companies exposed to fossil fuels, such as BP and Shell. Student protesters have occupied the Front Quad at St Read More…