Chums: How a Tiny Caste of Oxford Tories Took Over the UK

“At Oxford, the ‘ability to write an elegant essay, then discuss it elegantly for a tutor, can hide a multitude of sins’” Mitchell Marshall sits down with author and journalist Simon Kupar to discuss his latest book Chums and consider how the privileged bubble of Oxford student politics can lead to elitist castes of politicians.…



The Talk Of Oxford: Week 5

Talk of the Week: Isabel Mares on The Historical Origins of Tolerance The Oxford Blue’s Talk of the Week is here to cure your fifth week blues. Our top recommendation is Isabel Mares on The Historical Origin of Tolerance. Mares, a Professor of Political Science at Yale, will be giving the talk on Monday 23rd…


Why Levelling Up Will Fail to Solve Inequality

‘I believe that levelling up will fall short… a lack of conviction, practical constraints and or monetary constraints could thwart the project in implementation.’ Tim Williams analyses the potential pitfalls in the Conservative government’s levelling up programme. Photograph by Davide Simonetti

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My Old Flame, Tinder

“Time to jump into the void.” Ellee Su recounts her misadventures on the queer online dating scene; the good, the bad, and the not-quite-meet-cute. This story takes us through how…

Who am I here? Who am I there?

“There are people back home who shaped me as a person, and there are people here who will shape me and my future. The question is, will they meet?” An…

An Interview with Spilt Milk

“Queer artists and women are often pigeon-holed; there’s this idea that the work of queer artists always has to be about their queer identity, but we’re not just interested in…


A Defence of Horse Racing

Joss Russell defends horse racing from attack. Breaking the stereotypical ideas of animal abuse and a sport solely for the rich.