I’m A Female Classicist, Get Me Out Of Here!: Fecking Families

It recently occurred to me that there are several similarities between my experiences of my maternal Irish family and those families detailed within the Homeric epics. At the very least, having such an extensive family means I’m not bad at keeping track of the countless names and relationships between characters in the Iliad and Odyssey.

Everyday Economics: Incentives For Prelims

In order to remain at university, we’re required to pass: nothing more, nothing less. With this most basic incentive, why would anyone sacrifice social or extra-curricular activities in order to come out with anything better than the lowest pass mark possible?

Listening to Movies: Musings on Soundtracks

Across film genres, soundtracks shape and support the genre and message of the film. Film composers employ various techniques when writing scores, but they all ultimately create tracks with structures that grow and evolve with the film’s motifs.