The Benefits of Brexit

Four years after the referendum, we may confidently state that Boris, Nigel and Jacob have been proven right; Brexit has been a glorious success, as it has brought prosperity and good governance to the people….

UK landowners failing on tree coverage

A recent Friends of the Earth study has found that England’s biggest landowners “don’t have anywhere near enough trees on their land”. On the Duchy of Cornwall’s estate, woodland cover stands at 6%, whilst on…

My Sweet Lords

William Atinkson argues against the public criticism of Boris Johnson’s appointments and the House of Lords itself.

‘Up in the Air’ 2020 120x100cm each Pigment and Medium on Canvas

Art Amidst the Pandemic

Anvee Bhutani interviews recent fine art graduate Helena Greening on her experiences of working in lockdown. This is the first of the culture team’s new interview series ‘Meet the Creatives’.