Rave Reviews: Trinity College Commemoration Ball 2022

A feature in which one party enthusiast goes to some of the best (and not-so-best) events in wherever he happens to be at the time and gives his objectively correct opinions on them.  Up first, an Oxford ball, where you pay everything short of your firstborn child in exchange for one final night of revelry…



The Revival of the Campaign for Suspended Students

On 8th June 2022, the Student Union (SU) Council passed a motion to reinstate the Campaign for Suspended Students. The motion passed by 48 votes and the campaign can be expected to be fully functioning by the beginning of Michaelmas Term 2022. Suspension of studies, commonly known as ‘rustication’, is a process that ‘stops the…

The Talk of Oxford: Week 8

Talk of the Week: Heaven on Earth – From Origins to Gothic This week’s talk, the final week of the series, is different from the others this term: an admission will cost you £7. But don’t click away just yet. For starters, the speaker is Dr. Emma Wells, church historian and specialist in architectural history. The…

BREAKING: Union election results announced, Mackintosh wins Presidency with #New Slate taking all major positions

Charlie Mackintosh has been elected President of the Oxford Union for Hilary 2023, winning 474 first preferences or 60.8% of the vote. Mackintosh, a PPE undergraduate at New College, Oxford and Army Officer Scholar was the Librarian of the Oxford Union in Trinity 2022.  The #New slate has also won all other Officer positions in…


Chums: How a Tiny Caste of Oxford Tories Took Over the UK

“At Oxford, the ‘ability to write an elegant essay, then discuss it elegantly for a tutor, can hide a multitude of sins’” Mitchell Marshall sits down with author and journalist Simon Kupar to discuss his latest book Chums and consider how the privileged bubble of Oxford student politics can lead to elitist castes of politicians.…

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Global Affairs


Mixtape Musings: Art Rock

For the final part of Mixtape Musings, Cat Tickell takes us through the genre of art rock, and explores its origins and big names, as well as the structure of the genre.


Books That Made Me: Testament of Youth

‘I fully embraced the sarcastic, loving, complicated, heartbreaking tale of what it was like to live through the First World War.’ Niamh Jones describes why Testament of Youth is a…

Judging a Book by its Cover

‘The representation of women in book covers is an often discussed topic, loaded with questions of commerce, sex and power.’ Marietta Kosma explores the cover of The Polished Hoe. Illustration…

Iris Bowdler

Packing a punch : Sockpuppet Review

‘Sockpuppet approaches deep-fakes from a fresh angle, one of personal pain that is not caused by an outside influence, but rather one’s own misuse of the technology.’ Megan Kavanagh reviews…


My Queer Icon: Russell T. Davies

“In a time where we find ourselves more divided than united, Russell T. Davies has a way of unifying people through the authenticity and diversity of his characters, and instilling…

My Old Flame, Tinder

“Time to jump into the void.” Ellee Su recounts her misadventures on the queer online dating scene; the good, the bad, and the not-quite-meet-cute. This story takes us through how…

Who am I here? Who am I there?

“There are people back home who shaped me as a person, and there are people here who will shape me and my future. The question is, will they meet?” An…


A Defence of Horse Racing

Joss Russell defends horse racing from attack. Breaking the stereotypical ideas of animal abuse and a sport solely for the rich.