Italian Classics

Italian Classics 101

“The 20th century made its mark in every country, and we can see reflected in the pages of these books the events that transformed Italy forever.” Elisabetta A Molteni takes us through a tour of classic Italian literature from the 20th century. Art by Ben Beechener



From Oakland to Oxbridge: A ‘Hacktivist’s’ Fight Towards Decolonisation and African Liberation

Illustration by Leyla Baxman My name is George Hofstetter. I am the founder and CEO of GHTech Inc, an organisation that is committed to uplifting marginalised communities of colour through technology. I first started coding when I was 13 at a Qeyno hackathon (a tech incubator founded by Kalimah Priforce) in downtown Oakland, California, where I…

Racism At Oxford Summer School

Student stands up to a serious racial incident at Hughes Hall, Cambridge, during a summer school hosted by Oxford University. On Friday 15th July 2022, a serious incident of racism occurred at Hughes Hall, Cambridge, during a summer school hosted by Oxford University. During a formal dinner at the college, the students on the program…

Rave Reviews: Trinity College Commemoration Ball 2022

A feature in which one party enthusiast goes to some of the best (and not-so-best) events in wherever he happens to be at the time and gives his objectively correct opinions on them.  Up first, an Oxford ball, where you pay everything short of your firstborn child in exchange for one final night of revelry…


The New Challenge for Antitrust Requires Bolder Solutions

Tim Williams examines the uncontested and unprecedented monopoly that Big Tech firms have created, and suggests potential ways for regulators to combat it

In 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Standard Oil Company to be broken up into 34 separate operations on the grounds that it was an ‘unreasonable monopoly’. This was the first major enforcement of competition regulation in history and is perhaps the most eminent to this day. Oil and energy are classical examples of ‘natural monopolies’, operations with high fixed infrastructure costs that…

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What Johnson’s Final PMQs Tells Us About His Premiership

Why Johnson’s Final Address To PMQs Encapsulates The Cynicism and Opportunism Which Has Always Defined His Political Career On Wednesday 20th July, Boris Johnson had his final ever PMQs as Prime Minister. Political nerds like myself will be aware that a Prime Minister’s final PMQs is, in fact, a rather unique and peculiar affair. Often,…

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Global Affairs


Driving Around In Circles: The Here And Now

In the final instalment of ‘Driving Around In Circles’, Jacob Reid looks at the Leclerc-Verstappen rivalry in some of the more recent F1 races. Thank you for driving around in circles with us this last term…


Killing Eve and its Violent Women

“(Killing Eve)…moves towards a more refreshing take on complex female characters, where the women can do bad things on screen, just like the men have always done, without leaning on…

VESSEL image

VESSEL: A tender yet powerful performance

‘…VESSEL is one of a series of productions this year responding to post-pandemic theatre with innovation and flexibility.’ Helena Aeberli reviews VESSEL, a powerful play exploring our relationships with our…

Falling in Love with Ruth Asawa

‘By the end of the show I was sold on the idea that such a thing as an Asawa day should exist everywhere.’ Michela Giachino visits The Modern Art Oxford’s…


Illustration by Marcelina Jagielka

Faith and Doubt

I’d like to begin this article with a story – it goes something like this. There was a famous 12th century Islamic Scholar called Fakhr Al-Din Al-Razi. He was once…

Oxford’s Class Problem

“Support for working-class students cannot end the moment that we arrive.” In the second instalment of our Summer Editorial Series, Lucy Heywood discusses classism at Oxford. Illustration by Leyla Baxman.


A Defence of Horse Racing

Joss Russell defends horse racing from attack. Breaking the stereotypical ideas of animal abuse and a sport solely for the rich.